• Deforestation

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    Learn More about Deforestation and Educate Others

    “Change starts with education. If people are aware of their impact on the earth, they’ll make smarter choices.” ~ Filmmaker Rob Stewart

    Within this section, you will find some great articles, books, reports, videos and documentaries with more information about deforestation and what you can do to stop it. Post them to your friends’ Facebook walls, use them in school projects and inform others about what’s going on to become an Active Global Citizen.

    Take Action: Sign up for Earth Watchers, monitor the forests and provide usable intelligence to stop deforestation http://dfa.tigweb.org/about/?section=earthwatchers

    Get Involved: Join DeforestAction http://dfa.tigweb.org/action/

    Make a Commitment: Avoid Palm oil, a crop directly related to Deforestation http://commit.tigweb.org/reduce-consumption-of-palm-oil

    Blog: Here’s a guy who spent a YEAR counting the rolls of toilet paper he used. Turns out it’s more than he thought! How much do you think you use? http://joshmadison.com/2007/05/09/toilet-paper-usage-analysis/

    Report: This gives a history of how humans have used forests–and how deforestation has ended civilizations. It also has good stats on forests today. http://www.fao.org

    Article: This article is from a researcher at Yale who looks at the pros and cons of putting a price on our forests. http://e360.yale.edu

    Study: This is a study about the Boreal region of Canada, the dollar value of its life supporting systems. http://www.borealcanada.ca

    Report: The US government explains exactly what corn is used for in the country–it might not be what you think! http://www.ers.usda.gov

    Website: Find out how much each part of the US spends on agricultural subsidies http://farm.ewg.org/index.php

    Report: ‘Livestock’s Long Shadow’ is a now-famous study on the effect of meat consumption on the environment and climate change by the FAO ftp://ftp.fao.org

    Video: “A lot on your plate” is a short live-animation cartoon about the environmental effects of meat, with great tips on how to get others to cut back on meat. http://www.dothegreenthing.com

    Infographic: This article from The Economist shows the amount of paper each country uses, and explains that we actually are using more paper than ever; even with our heavy compute use! http://www.economist.com

    Video: “Saving Madagascar’s Forests” produced by National Geographichttp://video.nationalgeographic.com

    Video: WWF video on “Deforestation”: http://worldwildlife.org/videos/deforestation

    Video: A video showing and explaining the destruction occuring in the South American Rainforest. http://www.teachertube.com

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