• Revolution Mission Statement

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    We believe in the earth, life and that 3.5 billion years of evolution created a world of unmatched productivity and diversity, perfect for humans, and that by undoing the damage wrought by short sighted human expansion, earth can be paradise for humans and millions of other species.

    We believe the health of our life support system to be of paramount importance, and that the design flaws of pre Revolutionary civilization can be undone by an active and aware population, restoring ecosystems and achieving balance between human ambitions and our living world. We believe the unfulfilling path of growth sold to us in the modern world will lead to environmental and societal collapse.

    Revolution won’t stop until a sustainable human population is reached, human consumption is in balance with the natural world, and the world’s ecosystems are restored to full capacity – meaning lakes and rivers and oceans are unpolluted and teeming with fish, and thriving diverse forested ecosystems cover most of the land.

    We believe this to be humanity’s greatest challenge, and that the size of this adversary will call the best in humanity to the height of their potential, ushering a new era of human evolution.

    We believe all this to be achievable and probable within our lifetimes. We’re backed by 3.5 billion years of evolution, love and humanity, and even if you can’t envision this future yet, your children can, and instead of shrinking in the face of such a challenge, this new generation of heroes will grow to defeat it and achieve paradise on Earth.

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