• Intro to Activism

    Become an Active Citizen of the Planet!



    1. the doctrine or practice of vigorous action or involvement as a means of achieving environmental, political or other goals, sometimes by demonstrations, protests, etc.

    The future of humanity is threatened by the consumption and destruction of our life support system. The challenge ahead of us is the largest humanity has ever faced, but fortunately, we have all the tools to solve this problem! This presents an unprecedented opportunity for us to correct the design flaws of pre-revolutionary civilization, to step up our game, to become heroes for the ecosystems and species we love, and to create an incredible world for humans and millions of other species.

    With billions of people connected on the Internet and social media, with more technology in your phone than what got us to the moon, and with more than one million charities and conservation groups around the world working for good – the Revolution has never been stronger. Big change and activism is what humanity does in the face of atrocity. Revolutions in the past have worked because everyone knew what needed to change, and they made it happen. Everyone knew we needed equality, and now we just need people to know what’s going on and the world will change again.

    ‘Myth: Only protestors are activists. Reality: Anyone can be an activist. An activist is someone who takes action to make things better.’

    Martin Luther King brought one million people to Washington D.C. to usher in equality. The largest environmental protest we’ve had in Washington has numbered in the tens of thousands…. The only missing ingredient in this revolution is you!

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