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"If you go to one movie this year, it must be Revolution."
- David Suzuki
"A must see; an inspirational and beautiful film that will create a much needed ocean revolution."
- Jean Michel Cousteau
"A stunning adventure"
- Sir Richard Branson
"The ending couldn't have been better; it gave me inspiration to continue to make changes. This is a movie about making those changes and being responsible in our lifetime."
"This is a movie that had to be made."
"A very meaningful movie- you can save this world!"
"Trust me and go see this documentary. It will create a phenomenal movement; all that's needed is our participation and willingness to change the future for the better."
"It was beyond moving. The movie is a call to action for change: watching something so unbelievably important and learning to understand and share our planet."
"Revolution is motivating, encouraging and informative…an important movie to see with a very significant message."
"Eye opening and thought provoking, Revolution makes you want to get up and do something for the planet."
"In the past I've felt hopeless to make a difference but knowing that the more of us who get on board the likelier that we can change things- Revolution gave me hope that I can make a difference."
"Visually gripping […] beautiful to look at, and good to remind us of what is important."
"Inspirational. It made me realize that I'm not focusing my attention on things that really matter. I'm going to make a change for the better because of this movie."
"Everyone would love this movie."
"Moving. It's nice to see people who care. Finally."
"Takes the time to explain the big picture - a great next step after Sharkwater."
"Uplifting. Dramatic. Superb."
"Our very survival as a species depends on watching Revolution."
"Revolution is an enlightening piece of art. If Revolution does not stir something inside you to want to bring about change and leave a positive mark on our earth, something is gravely wrong with your outlook."
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