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    Diane Blackman
    BR Public Relations

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    We love feedback! See our FAQs below in case we can answer your question here.

    When will Revolution be released in my territory?

    Most countries will release Revolution in 2014. Sign up for email notices at info@therevolutionmovie.com and we’ll let you know.

    Who is distributing Revolution?

    Canada - D Films – www.dfilmscorp.com
    Germany - Polyband – www.polyband.de
    Australia - Accent Film – www.accentfilm.com

    How can I get Revolution to play at my film festival?

    In Canada contact Cameron Worrell cam.worrell@dfilmscorp.ca
    In Australia - George Papadopoulos george@accentfilm.com
    In Germany - Swetlana Winkel swetlana.winkel@polyband.de
    Internationally - Bruno Chatelin - bruno@m21entertainment.com

    Can I play the film at my school?

    Yes, you can — we encourage it! Once the film has been released either in theaters or on DVD/ Blu-Ray in your country you will be able to contact us to determine the process to allow the film to be shown in the school. Every country has different rules and regulations. Regarding school presentations , however, we encourage teachers and students around the world to view the film. Some countries will require a license for your educational board or territory to play the film in your school, and the movie distributor in each country can help facilitate. To obtain a license for your educational board or territory to play the film, contact info@therevolutionmovie.com.

    How can I contact Rob Stewart directly?

    Rob travels extensively and is not readily available. Please look through the site and email our team if you need further information.

    Is Rob available for press interviews?

    Yes. Please email info@therevolutionmovie.com.

    Is Rob available for speaking engagements?

    YES – although he is quite busy and travels extensively. Outside of Canada contact James Marshall Reilly at james@theguildagency.com. In Canada, contact Cathy Hayes at chayes@nsb.com

    Can I do an awareness screening of Revolution for my conservation/environmental group?

    Yes! In most cases this is possible, however, it needs to be coordinated with the distributor in each country and with the Revolution Team. Please email info@therevolutionmovie.com for info.

    Can I use the film for a fundraiser for my charity/NGO?

    Yes! In most cases this is possible, however, it needs to be coordinated with the distributor in each country and with the Revolution Team. Please email info@therevolutionmovie.com for info.

    Do you have a study guide for teachers?

    Yes, click here. http://www.therevolutionmovie.com/education/

    Where can I buy Revolution on DVD?

    Revolution should be available on DVD and VOD on iTunes and Amazon both in the US and Internationally in 2014, following the theatrical releases.

    What is Rob Stewart planning to do next?

    Rob is working on a TV series on the Future and 3D Seahorse Love Story.

    How did Rob Stewart get started in filmmaking?

    Rob had done award-winning wildlife photography for magazines such as BBC Wildlife, Canadian Wildlife, and many photography, nature and dive publications.  He took an HD digital Panasonic video camera with underwater housing with him on a trip to the Galapagos to film and save sharks. His story saving sharks became the award-winning documentary Sharkwater.

    Where was Rob Stewart born?

    Toronto, Canada.

    Where does Rob Stewart live?

    Toronto, but he travels the world extensively.

    What is Rob Stewart’s favorite shark?

    Hammerhead, because they are the “coolest” animals alive.

    Does Rob Stewart have any pets?

    Rob has had many pets: a dog, Gambit; cats, Pusser, Munro, Miskit, Paddington and Sniff. Rob’s two most recent snakes are Mali and Phoenix, who now tour schools to educate people about snakes and reptiles, and he has had many other reptiles and amphibians.

    Where is Rob’s favorite place to dive?

    Papua New Guinea

    Does Rob play sports?

    Rob has played many sports and loves rugby, snowboarding, rock climbing, biking, windsurfing, surfing, skydiving, kayaking, tennis and golf. He is an active practitioner of yoga and has guest taught at many yoga events.

    Where can I buy Rob’s books?

    Rob’s books Sharkwater, An Odyssey to Save the Planet and his new book , Save the Humans are available online at Amazon and in select stores.
    Save the Humans
    He is also featured in The Next Eco-Warriors: 20 Young Women and Men Who Are Saving the Planet by Emily Hunter
    And: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Extraordinary Teens


    Revolution has played at numerous festivals around the world. Revolution premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and was a runner up for People’s Choice for Best Documentary. Revolution then went on to play at the Atlantic Film Festival, winning People’s Choice for Best Documentary, and the Vancouver Film Festival winning Best Environmental Film, Cinefest, and then the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, where it won the Social Justice Award. Revolution’s international market premiere was at the Cannes Film Festival.

    For film festival inquiries contact Bruno at info@sharkwater.com

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