• Climate Change

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    Learn more about Climate Change and Educate Others

    Change starts with education. If people are aware of their impact on the earth, they’ll make smarter choices. – Rob Stewart

    Within this section, you will find some great articles, books, reports, videos and documentaries with more information about some of the biggest issues facing the planet and what you can do to stop them. Post them to your friends’ Facebook walls, use them in school projects and inform others about what’s going on to become an Active Global Citizen.

    Take Action: Download the TakingITGlobal youth climate change guide to action http://tigurl.org/climategta/

    Challenge: Reduce your carbon footprint with the Tread Lightly Challenge http://treadlightly.tigweb.org/challenges/ + http://www.treadlightly.me/challenge.html

    Learn More: Check out the Climate Change Global Issues Page http://issues.tigweb.org/climate

    Multimedia: Watch videos, read tweets and see photos from one week of climate change action leading to one giant demonstration telling President Obama not to allow the Keystone Pipeline to take oil from Alberta’s tar-sands through America to the Gulf of Mexico.

    Article: A personal essay from Nobel Laureate and energy economist Mark Jaccard on why he protests the development of coal and other fossil fuels in Canada.

    Article: An expert on why we should put a tax on carbon emissions.

    Article: Find out what degrowth economics is, and how it could help sustainability and inequality.

    Report: How much does Canada pay oil companies in subsidies?

    Report: This is the full report about how climate change can be slowed, from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2007. It’s very detailed, but has clear tables and graphs explaining their research.

    Report: Alberta’s carbon tax needs to be 10 times higher for Canada to reach its goals in greenhouse gas emissions reduction, according to the Pembina Institute.

    Tool: You’ll need the bills you pay for energy.

    Book Review: The New York Times reviews ‘Overdressed’, about the high price of cheap fashion.

    Website: The Carbon Tax Center is an American group lobbying for a tax on carbon. They have a lot of information about why we need it, and which politicians support it.

    Book Review: The London School of Economics reviews “Meme Wars: The Creative Destruction of Neoclassical Economics,” by Kalle Lasn, who started the Occupy movement.

    Document: This version of the Constitution of the Iroquois Confederacy was written in English in 1915, and shows how First Nations’s decision-making was based in conservation and sustainability.

    Op-ed: This is an opinion article about how Alberta has a carbon tax, but it’s too low

    Article: The New York Times comes out against the Keystone pipeline

    Slideshow: The UNEP showcases 30 technologies to reduce climate change

    Infographic: How Many Gigatons of Carbon Dioxide…? Shows us how much carbon dioxide is being pumped into our air, and what effect it has. A lot of info all in one place!

    Video: Alberta Tar Sands Oil Extraction – The Dirty Truth

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