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    Lester R Brown - Environmentalist

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    Lester Brown, Founder and President, Earth Policy Institute

    Lester Brown is the founder and President of the Earth Policy Institute, an independent non-profit environmental research organization dedicated to providing a plan to save civilization. Described as ‘one of the great pioneer environmentalists’ by the BBC, he helped pioneer the concept of sustainable development. Brown’s work focuses on connecting the dots between economics and food, water, population, climate change and renewable energy. In 1974, he founded Worldwatch Institute, the first research institute devoted to the analysis of global environmental issues, of which he was President for its first 26 years. One of the world’s most widely published authors, he has released some 50 books printed in 40 languages, including World on the Edge: How to Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse (2011). He is the recipient of scores of awards and degrees, including the 1987 United Nations’ Environment Prize, the 1989 World Wide Fund for Nature Gold Medal and the 1994 Blue Planet Prize for his ‘contributions to solving global environmental problems.’

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