• Ocean Acidification

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    Learn more about Ocean Acidification and Educate Others

    “Change starts with education. If people are aware of their impact on the earth, they’ll make smarter choices.” ~ Filmmaker Rob Stewart

    Within this section, you will find some great articles, books, reports, videos and documentaries with more information about ocean acidification and what you can do to stop them. Post them to your friends’ Facebook walls, use them in school projects and inform others about what’s going on to become an Active Global Citizen.

    Take Action: Take the Low Carbon Lunch Challenge http://commit.tigweb.org/take-the-low-carbon-lunch-challenge

    Documentary: From the National Resource Defence Council brings you “ACID TEST” narrated by Sigourney Weaver about the Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification. http://www.nrdc.org

    Video: A 12-minute mini-documentary explaining ocean acidification.

    Article: ‘Ocean acidification… was supposed to be a problem of the future.’ But for these oyster farmers, it’s already ruined their livelihood.

    Article: How ocean acidification is affecting Western Canada. ‘Virtually all local marine scientists say the latest data reveals something ominous happening.’

    Article: An overview from Canadian researchers. One scientist says: ‘So over the next 50 years, we should probably see a lot of species go extinct in the sea.’

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