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    Diatribe Pictures changes the world. You see, we believe in you, in humanity, and the fact that we are all inherently good deep down inside. In fact, we’ve already proven it. We made a movie called Sharkwater. Soon NGOs started popping up and government policy started changing. All it took was information, and the world changed forever.

    But the problem is bigger now. Its not just animals and ecosystems that are in danger; humanity is at stake, and we don’t have much time.

    We’re counting on you to change the world, but you won’t do it alone. We’ll be bringing you allies, by packaging crucial information in ground breaking entertainment to unite everyone as a force for good. We’re also going to show you how to do it, through sites and applications like these, and through devices, networks and inventions to solve these problems and further educate the masses.

    Rob Stewart’s newest film, Revolution, was born out of the loftiest ambitions – trying to be the most important film ever made – and one that starts a revolution. Diatribe’s first two films have won more than 45 awards so far.

    For those of you that are new – welcome. Our world community has never needed you more. But if you’ve already changed the world, as many of you have, welcome home.

    This is a Rob Stewart/ Diatribe Picture.

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