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    REVOLUTION PARTNERS: Social Media Package

    Thanks so much for helping us change the world! We have provided a few social media resources for your team to utilize in their digital communications. The contents of this package are as follows:

    1. Revolution Trailer Tweet and Facebook posts with trailer link included.
    2. Revolution Ambassador Call-to-Action Tweet and Facebook posts with image included. If your organization would like to become an ambassador, we have also included our cover photo for you to use on your page.
    3. Additional Social Media Assets We have included additional posts for both Twitter and Facebook, with accompanying branded images created specifically for social media. Please share with your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or elsewhere.

    List of Revolution and Rob Stewart properties (please tag appropriately on Facebook & Twitter):

    1. Revolution Facebook: fb.com/revolutionmovie
    2. Rob Stewart Facebook: fb.com/rob.sharkwater
    3. Sharkwater Facebook: fb.com/sharkwater
    4. Revolution Twitter: twitter.com/@film_REVOLUTION
    5. Rob Stewart Twitter: twitter.com/@teamsharkwater
    6. Revolution Hashtag: #revolutionmovie

    Become A Social Media Partner

    1. Share the Trailer


    WATCH & SHARE the trailer for @teamsharkwater’s new doc @film_REVOLUTION. Let’s ignite an enviro revolution! http://youtu.be/UxcophNGLdg


    We are huge fans of shark activist and documentary filmmaker Rob Stewart. His new and inspiring film takes us on a journey through the evolution of life on earth and the revolution needed to save us. WATCH and SHARE the official trailer here: http://youtu.be/UxcophNGLdg

    2. Revolution Ambassador Call-to-Action

    **If your team chooses to utilize these posts, please direct any questions to the Revolution Facebook page.


    Become a @film_REVOLUTION ambassador for worldwide environmental change!


    Our team has signed on as official ambassadors for director Rob Stewart’s inspiring new documentary film, Revolution! Join the Revolution! Head to www.facebook.com/revolutionmovie to get started by downloading their cover photo and making it your own!

    3. Additional Social Media Assets

    Please feel free to utilize the following Facebook or Twitter posts in conglomeration with the provided image assets.


    1. ”We jeopardize future generations with the mistakes that we are making today. – @teamsharkwater on his new doc @film_REVOLUTION.”
    2. ”If trends continue, coral reefs could be gone by 2070. Commit to changing the world – see @film_REVOLUTION in theatres”

    Revolution Fight

    We have a decision to make and we don’t have much time. I’m taking you on a quest through our evolution to find out how we’re going to survive this extinction. This is our story.’
    – Rob Stewart, filmmaker behind the award-winning documentary, Revolution. Join the movement. Learn more about the film here: fb.com/revolutionmovie

    Revolution Fight

    ”Take a giant leap, please. By getting into action you create momentum. By taking a step, you become indebted to that path, which draws you further, and calls out the best in you to fulfill it. The world and our environment needs heroes and leaders, and the ability to become one has never been easier, or more necessary. Fight for something you love. Join the Revolution:”
    fb.com/revolutionmovie – Director of Revolution, Rob Stewart

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