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    Take action and get active by signing petitions to push causes forward.

    • Protestors getting kicked out of the UN Climate Conference COP 16. Their taped mouths represent their voices being silenced. Photo c Tristan Bayer www.earthnative.com. From the documentary film Revolution.

      Take Action

      Petitioning can be a powerful form of collective grassroots expression to gather supporters and demonstrate the strength behind a cause. Petitions have been effective in changing government policy thousands of times already.

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    • The Canadian Lynx. Ontario, Canada. With abundant food, the lynx overpopulate and over consume, until their prey, hares are almost gone, forcing their own populations down. Lynx and their prey boom and bust every 14 years. Photo c Rob Stewart. From the documentary film Revolution.

      Animal Rights

      • Ban all animal testing for cosmetics in the US
      • Stop the elephant slaughter
      • Stop the Frankenfish attack
      • Save whales, sea lions, and polar bears: Protect the Bering Sea! Animal rights and ethics … Stop Killing Deer/Perpetuating Myth That Killing Deer…

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    • Shifaka, Madagascar. Lemurs are primitive primates, and exist only in Madagascar, where their isolation has kept them from being out-competed by other primates like monkeys!


      • Stop Deforestation for Palm Oil in Everyday Products
      • Save the Amazon Rainforest
      • Tell YUM! Brands to Stop Serving Up Rainforest Destruction
      •Protect Tasmania’s Native Forests!
      •Stop the deforestation of Glen Canyon Park: Cutting…

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    • The Pygmy Seahorse is among one of species threatened by Ocean Acidification

      Ocean Acidification

      • Stop Ocean Acidification: Increase Green Energy Alternatives in WA State
      • The ECOBOARD Project –– GREEN UP your next surfboard!
      • Climate Summit 2013
      • Promote Alternative Energy to Stop Ocean…

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    • Underwater still footage from Rob Stewart`s first documentary Sharkwater


      • EU: Days to save our fish
      • Challenge Japan to END Taiji Dolphin Hunt for Tokyo 2020 Olympic bid
      • UN Representatives: Put a Stop to Overfishing
      • Take the Pledge: Join the Bluefin Boycott
      • Save The Mediterranean Sea From Overfishing
      • Stop overfishing in EU
      • Stop Overfishing in India

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    • Fire is used as a tool to clear forested land for agriculture, mining, roads, homes and other uses

      Climate Change

      • Restore global warming – plant trees
      • Protect our Oceans and Marine Resources
      • Stand With President Obama: Take Action On Climate Change

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    • There is no other planet like the Earth

      Human Rights

      • Somalia: No authority to rape
      • Days to save the Antarctic ocean
      • Complete and total Sovereignty of all Indigenous People ~ Indians ~ Native Americans.
      • Ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides before they devastate bee populations in the USA…

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