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    REVOLUTION PARTNERS: Ambassador Package

    Our life support system is in jeopardy and we need your help! Education is key to turning this around, and we’ve spent 4 years traveling through 15 countries to create the award-winning film Revolution to educate the masses. Now we need your help getting people to see the movie! Join us in the movement and become an Ambassador for the film.

    Become an Ambassador in 4 Easy Steps

    Step 1:

    Make these images your Facebook and Twitter profile or cover photos to send the message of support.

    Revolution Facebook

    Revolution Facebook

    Step 2:

    Share the Trailer! WATCH and SHARE the official trailer here: http://youtu.be/UxcophNGLdg

    Post it on your wall, friends’ walls and in groups everywhere.

    Step 3:

    See the movie in theatres! Get your friends, family and community to go see the movie. If it’s not in theatres, request a screening in your hometown. Create a Facebook event for a specific screening and time, and invite everyone you know to attend and pre-buy tickets. Everything is riding on our theatrical success and we’re counting on you.

    Click Here for Showtimes

    Group sales are also available – spread the good word.

    Empire Group Sales: click here
    Cineplex Group Sales: click here

    Step 4:

    Share our message! Spread our posts. Share the trailer, the website, screening information and more on social media. Encourage your network to do the same and also become an Ambassador by sharing this image below.

    Please like, follow, share and tag appropriately on Facebook & Twitter:

    1. Revolution Facebook: www.facebook.com/revolutionmovie
    2. Rob Stewart Facebook: www.facebook.com/rob.sharkwater
    3. Revolution Twitter: www.twitter.com/@film_REVOLUTION
    4. Rob Stewart Twitter: www.twitter.com/@teamsharkwater
    5. Revolution Hashtag: #revolutionmovie

    Be a Ambassador

    Take a giant leap, please. Overcome inertia and get into action! By taking a step you become indebted to that path, which draws you further, and calls out the best in you to fulfill it. The world and our environment needs heroes and leaders, and the ability to become one has never been easier, or more necessary. Fight for something you love. Join the Revolution” – Rob Stewart

    More Info:

    Rob Stewart’s new and inspiring film takes us on a journey through the evolution of life on earth and the revolution needed to save it.

    Thanks for your help!

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